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Clement pingpong table

Public art

Art commissioned by the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office

Collaborate with Chung Wai Ian and Ng Ka Chun


Perhaps the look of the cement table-tennis table has been faded away in our mind. Compared with the table-tennis tables in modern sports centres we can see nowadays, it is rugged, non-standard, and a low-cost facility for amateur kids users for low-cost entertainment.Though it is made of cement, rugged, inexpensive, it was not only a friendly buddy with the children who live in public housing estates in that era, but also the cradle of the Olympic athletes.

Considering it asa sculpture, it successfully achieving community participation; as a sports facility, it has become part of the HK sports history.

In the rapid development of modern society, the old-style cement table-tennis table seems to no longer fit the need of current users, in particularly the new-style stadiums are built/going to be built everywhere. Even if this kind of table is not unique in Hong Kong, as an art group, we would like to suggest to relocate an old cement ping-pong table with the room outside the newly-completed Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre to express not only nostalgia, but also respect.

Public engagement
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